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Our Story

The night a dinner time conversation transpired into a business venture

Having recently completed university, my brother and I were conversing on the various career paths we could pursue with our father (Chachi). We were presented with a myriad of choices—should we join our family business, embark on a corporate path, or explore our entrepreneurial side and embark on an entrepreneurial venture. As we discussed this with our father, we learned that he had always wanted to open his own café since the late 1980’s. It was at this point that our entrepreneurial side kicked in and we committed to the idea of creating what is now Chachi’s Chai.


What is Chachi's Chai?

Chachi’s Chai brings to you a fusion of the taste of the far East with the Far West. We offer delicious freshly grilled sandwiches, crafted Desi street foods using only fresh ingredients, and offer a wide variety of traditional Indian, Pakistani, and fusion foods. We went a little further by bringing to you fusion sandwiches and specialty poutines such as a Philly chicken masala sandwich and butter chicken poutine! 

What do we serve?

Chai or Coffee?

At Chachi’s Chai, we serve premium locally roasted organic coffee and espresso, and handcrafted authentic chai served with the perfect combination of spices to satisfy your cravings.

Desserts? We have that too!

Try our traditional Rose Faloodas, Khaju Anjeer (Cashews and figs) shakes, gourmet butter pies, cakes, pastries and more. 

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