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Chai bar in Pickering, Ontario

Located in the heart of the city lies a warm, inviting cafe specializing in creating and serving authentic, enriching and flavourful chai. Inspired by the rich tea culture heritage of India, Chachi's Chai Bar also includes a range of fusion and classic Indian street food such as chaat, faloodas, sandwiches and poutines. 


Enjoy Indian-Canadian food


With fusion dishes such as chicken masala poutine, butter chicken on fries, and philly chicken masala sandwiches, Chachi's Chai Bar is not only a destination for warm, comforting chai, but for their unique, delicious foods. With traditional ingredients such as coconut milk, Indian spices, and chai paired with hot peppers, creamy aioli, cheddar cheese and bbq sauce, enjoy a taste of the far east paired with the far west.

More than a chai bar

Chachi's Chai Bar not only brings you a fusion of Indian and Western cuisine, but they also have, of course, chai.

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halal street food in Pickering Ontario

What is chai?

The word "chai" is Hindi for "tea". So, saying "chai tea" is redundant, as you are saying "tea tea." Chai is a blend of black tea and spices, brewed traditionally with milk and sugar.

A wide range of chai drinks

Chachi's Chai Bar serves authentic Karak chai brewed to perfection. With several options, from masala chai to Chachi's signature Karak Chai brewed with their in-house cardamom spice blend, to pink chai, to ginger chai, they have a chai for everyone.

Other tea drinks

If chai or coffee is not to your tastes, Chachi's Chai Bar offers other tea drinks, including Sulemani Blend, a fruity tea made with mango and ginger with jasmine green tea, and Rose Kahwa, a rose and cardamom black tea topped with crushed nuts. These beverages can be enjoyed either hot or iced.

Dessert Drinks

If vanilla ice cream is more your style, Chachi's offers several milk shakes, as well as Falooda. A popular dessert drink in South Asian countries made with rose milk, ice cream, basil seeds, vermicelli, fruit jelly, and crushed nuts. While traditionally made with rose milk, mango and pistachio are other popular flavours of falooda.

Enjoy Halal food and drink with us

Enjoy a diverse menu of Halal food in Pickering, Ontario. Chachi's offers unique Halal cuisines, combining traditional Indian flavours with a modern take. Boasting an array of flavourful beverages, including chai, coffee, milkshakes and falooda, as well as sandwiches, poutines and other hearty snacks and meals, Chachi's Chai bar is a great spot to enjoy caringly prepared dishes. If you have any questions about our menu, or to inquire about catering, contact us.

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